We have opened our facility to help the county produce and collect 50,000 masks that are SOLELY to be used by first responders/healthcare workers.  COVID Ranger Mask is designed to go over the N95 mask to extend the life of the N95 mask being used by the medical professionals and first responders.
Our hours of operation: Monday and Tuesday - 10 am to 4 pm
CLICK HERE to read more about COVID RANGERS.
**Note that at this time we have all the fabrics that we need. Please do not drop off any more fabric donations

We need volunteers/manpower to do the following tasks:

FABRIC CUTTERS - If you can safely handle scissors you can do this. No sign ups required for this position.Come and stay for as long as your schedule allows. Or pick up fabrics and patterns to cut at home.
*patterns will of course be provided or in some cases fabrics will already be pre-marked ready to cut.

SEAMSTERS - If you can sew, you can do this.  You may either pick up READY TO SEW KITS and sew at home but we will also have a couple of sewing machines ready at church. No need to sign up for this position. Come and go as you please. Linda Prybella is our resource person for this group.
Here is the LINK to the step by step sewing instructions.

All volunteers will be required to wear a mask while working inside the building.

Williamson County will prioritize giving out the masks. The first to receive the COVID Ranger Masks will be Williamson County Sheriff’s Office law enforcement personnel, corrections officers, and Emergency Medical Services paramedics. Healthcare workers in COVID-19 response units also will receive the Ranger Masks. Safety masks will be available for nursing home residents and municipalities with the highest case count, followed by essential Williamson County workers. If more masks are available, they will be given to essential workers providing essential services.