These are the missionaries and mission organizations that we currently support.



    Antiochia Teams seeks to exalt Jesus Christ, reach people in German-speaking countries with the gospel, lead them into the discipleship of Christ, and plant churches which are faithful to the Scriptures, thus fulfilling the Great Commission. 
    Frank serves as the Director of Antiochia Teams in Germany.

  • CONVERGE worldwide

    Converge is a movement of churches working together to start and strengthen churches. We support missionaries who serve the Maghrebi people, Muslims from northern African countries who are living in France. They are also involved in a ministry of reconciliation between Christian Jews and Arabs.



    KBC Ministries provides for the ministry efforts of Kishinev Bible Church and Moldova Bible Seminary, separate entities that work together very closely.


    Moldova Bible Seminary prepares students for vocational or lay Christian ministry through spiritual growth, academic instruction and field education. 

    Eugene S. is the pastor of KBC and Pastor Dave teaches a course at Moldova Bible Seminary once a year.

  • andy & erica christensen

    While serving for eight years in Central Asia, Andy and Erica acquired language skills and a love for that people group. In 2018 they relocated to Houston, TX. Endeavoring to reach the ends of the earth through sharing the gospel with Muslim immigrants and engaging the local church to reach the unreached people groups among us.


    Michael & Dorris fortson

    Neema Village began as “Neema House” in 2012 as a rescue center for abandoned, orphaned and at risk babies in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. During that time, more than a hundred babies have been rescued, many abandoned babies have now been adopted and others who had lost their mothers during the birth were saved and have now been able to return home to an extended family member.

    The Fortsons are the founders and operators of this ministry.

  • Orphanos ministry

    Richard & Ximena ROSELAND

    Orphanos partners with non US based Christian ministries and missionaries who help children at risk around the world. They provide donor management services like accounting and donor services for evangelical missions to orphans and vulnerable children. Richard and Ximena Roseland serve globally by caring for caregivers worldwide through member care and financial bookkeeping.


    Supporting Les Abricot Church, our Sister Church in Les Abricots,Haiti.

    RMI's mission is to transform lives through church to church partnerships. We facilitate and are the bridge to make these successful cross-cultural partnerships work. We work hand in hand with national churches to enable them and resource them for life transformation. This takes place through evangelism, discipleship, education, community development and social compassion. It is a holistic endeavor that will enable an entire US church to have a strategic impact in the national church's lives and into their community. 


    dino & melissa ROSELAND

    Samuel's Sanctuary is dedicated to caring for at-risk children and training people in Christian ministry in Belize.  Their mission is to reach the children and people of Belize with the gospel of Jesus Christ and provide a "Safe Place to Grow" spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

    The Roselands founded and operate this mission.

  • unfolding Word


    There are still millions of people that don't have access to the word of God.  Throughout the global church, God is raising up leaders with a passion for evangelism, Bible translation and discipleship. unfolding Word empowers these global Church leaders to equip their own people with what they need to translate the Bible into every language and establish the Church in every people group.

    The Sallees are on staff in Orlando, FL.

  • IGLESIA Cristiana vida eterna

    Andres and dulce garcia

    Iglesia Cristiana Vida Eterna (Eternal Life Church) is a church in Coacalco, 30 minutes north of Mexico City.  The church is dedicated to teaching about salvation in Jesus Christ. The Garcias shepherd this church.