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belize-Samuel's Sanctuary

Samuel's Sanctuary is dedicated to caring for at-risk children and training people in Christian ministry in Belize.  Their mission is to reach the children and people of Belize with the gospel of Jesus Christ and provide a "Safe Place to Grow" spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  We serve in many different capacities.  

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NEEma Village-Tanzania

Neema Village began as “Neema House” in 2012 as a rescue center for abandoned, orphaned and at risk babies in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. During that time, hundreds of babies have been rescued, many abandoned babies have now been adopted, and others who had lost their mothers during the birth were saved and have now been able to return home to an extended family member. We love the idea of “Families not Orphanages.”

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Our missions trip to Mexico is July 29th through August 8th this year. We are serving at a VBS with a church near Mexico City. Along with a team of people from the local church in Mexico, we will be teaching children about the wonderful love of God! We will also be ministering to the parents of the children during this time!

Les Abricots, Haiti~ Reciprocal Ministries, Inc (Rmi)

Traveling to Haiti in a relational and evangelistic trip though the organization, RMI to Abricots, Haiti.  RMI's mission is to transform lives through church to church partnerships. They facilitate and are the bridge to make these successful cross-cultural partnerships work, working hand in hand with national churches to enable them and resource them for life transformation. This takes place through evangelism, discipleship, education, community development and social compassion.