In this video, Pastor Dave explains how the June Sunday schedule works and what classes are available for all ages.  After watching the video, please scroll down the page to the section called FAQ for more information.


frequently asked questions ABOUT THE JUNE SCHEDULE

1. Are you permanently changing your schedule of services?

No. We are only doing this format for the month of June.

2. Are you having just one service for all Sundays in June?

Correct. One service at 10:30 a.m.

3. What is happening during the 9 am hour?
First, please note that the 9 am hour is now 9:15 am. Again, just for the month of June.

During this time we are offering the same schedule for Kidstown Kids (Preschool and Elementary age kids) and Youth (Grades 6-12). 

No changes there.

But we are offering several Adult Sunday school classes so adults and especially parents of kids and youth will have an opportunity to attend a Sunday school class while their kids/youth are in their respective classes.

For a complete list of Adult classes during the 9:15 hour CLICK HERE.

4. Why did you go from 9 am to 9:15 am?
Mainly for practical reasons. We think a 15-minute interval between the Sunday school classes and the worship service ​will work better for those attending both activities.

5. Will you have Children's Church at 10:30 am?

Yes. It will be regular schedule for Children's Church. No change there.

6. If we want our kids to go to the 9:15 classes but we don't want to attend the adult classes, are we able to do that?
We really encourage you to attend one of the adult classes at 9:15 and then the 10:30 worship service.

If you choose not to do this, please consider spending that time in the Gathering Area sharing coffee, donuts and a time of fellowship with others in our GBC family. Or better yet, consider helping in Kids'town.

7. If we have a youth in the family who wants to attend Adult Sunday school with parents during the 9:15 hour, are we able to do that as a family?

Most definitely.

8. Isn't June 30 a 5th Sunday when you do church family worship service?

That is correct. On June 30th, there will be no activities or classes during the 9:15 hour. We will worship together as a church family at the 10:30 hour.

9. When do you go back to normal schedule of 9 am and 10:30 am?

July 7. Regular programming resumes :)

10. Why are you doing this special schedule? 

We're glad you asked that question. Please scroll down below to listen to Pastor Dave as he explains why we are doing this special schedule.


Watch Pastor Dave announce an exciting change on our Sunday schedule just for the month of June.